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King Palm Flavors Cones, Squeeze & Pop Pre Rolls - Organic Flavored Pre Rolled Cones


Tropical Passion 






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  • Can't stand harsh tasting conventional papers? Do you seek organic products? Be one of the first to try King Palm's newest cone, the squeeze & pop all natural flavors palm leaf cones! Dont know how to roll? No problem, King Palm has your back. Our flavored cones come prerolled for your convenience. No need to split, lick, or roll ever again. Seriously, just pack, squeeze, and enjoy your all natural smoke sesh. Grab the King Palm Flavors cones that will enhance your dry herb to its full potential
  • The King Palm flavors differ from other flavored cones by allowing you to choose when to release your blast of flavor. Grind up your dry herb and pack the flavored rolling papers using the packing tool provided. When ready squeeze the all natural corn husk filter at the tip to activate 1 flavor, then squeeze at the base of the filter to activate the 2nd flavor. Make sure to squeeze until your hear the pop! This feature allows your cones to be at peak flavor whenever you are ready to smoke.
  • Made from natural palm leaf's that are individually hand picked and cleaned with purified water. No toxic fertilizers are used in the process, chemical and preservative free. Each King Palm is individually hand rolled & tobacco free. The leaves used when making King Palms are resilient and slow burning. This leaf is from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family originating from Singapore rain forests. King Palm helps create sustainability within Singapore creating over 2,500 jobs.
  • FILTER INCLUDED: The natural corn-husk filter will be one of the best filter tips you have ever used, it will help to make sure no loose herbs fall through and eliminates oils from getting in your mouth. The flexibility of the King palm corn husk filters allow for each customer to hit their cone as they wish, bite down, for a tighter and cooler hit each time you inhale. The King Palm Flavors are derived from all natural terpenes keeping your smoke sesh chemical free!

King Palm Flavored Cones - Terpene Infused

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