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Flavor can be tasted, but it can also be seen. Deep, rich purple covered in shimmering crystalline chunks of sugar, say, "grape" loud and clear. One bite, and you get a tart yet full-bodied and unique fragrant profile of Concord cultivar. You may not know this type of grape by name, but you do know its profile from jams, jellies, soda, and now...our Max Delta-8 Gummies, which features four times the Delta-8 compared to our standard gummies.


  • 100mg Delta-8 THC per gummy, ideal for experienced hemp-enthusiasts
  • 10 gummies per pack for multiple sessions of enjoyment or sharing
  • Hemp-derived, which means federally legal, and legal in many states
  • Soft square shapes make them easy to cut up into smaller pieces
  • No gluten or animal products, fitting gluten-free and vegan diets

You may have heard of our Delta-8 Gummies, like when our blueberry flavor took home a prize at the High Times Hemp Cup. With our Max Delta-8 Gummies we wanted to offer four times cannabinoid content for seasoned enthusiasts while delivering sweet, fruity flavor with no pungent aftertaste. And for our first flavor, we decided to go with none other than the rich, fragrant profile of grapes.

What is Delta-8? Delta-8 THC is a compound that can be found in cannabis. Much like Delta-9 (the most well-known THC variant), when derived from hemp, Delta-8 is federally legal and legal in a majority of states. However, Delta-8 does not have the same concentration limits as hemp-derived Delta-9.

Enthusiasts have noted that compared to hemp-derived Delta-9, the effects of this cannabinoid are different but desirably "milder." But keep in mind that "mild" doesn’t mean the same to everyone and might not apply to a 100mg edible.

And speaking of that. Please keep in mind that these are "max" gummies. With any cannabinoid product, you're going to want to start off small. If you are new to Delta-8, you're definitely going to want to cut up these gummies into small amounts, and you may want to consider our standard 25mg Delta-8 Gummies instead (you're going to want to start off small there too).

Delta8 Grape MAX Gummies 1000mg

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